Troop 91 Alumni Survey

Celebrating 60 years of Scouting

All Troop 91 Alumni are invited to our Fall and Spring Courts of Honor. Please check the Calendar on the Troop 91 Home Page.
Note from Lorie:
This is a long-term project for me, and I hope that you will help. Please continue to help me get the word out to our lost scouts, and register with the troop so that we know how to contact you.
I still need stories about your Scouting Days. The stories that I have received will be on this site soon.
Thanks you for your help. Please feel free to stop by the Scout hut on Monday nights and introduce yourself.
Yours in Scouting
Lorie McGraw, Troop Committee and Webmaster

If you are one of Troop 91's Scoutmasters, please click here

Information about Your Scouting Days in Troop 91

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To the best of your memory, please register one or more years that you were with the troop

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Name(s) of your Patrol

Names of any buddies that you remember from your patrol

Did you have a nickname?

List any troop positions that you may have held

Highest Rank Achieved

The location(s) of Troop 91 while you were a member (check as many as apply)
State St. Baptist Church, Cayce (1949-1952)
Main St. Methodist Church/American Legion Hut (1953-1959)
Optimist Club of West Columbia (1959-1960)
Elliott's Home and Auto Co. on State St. Cayce (1960-63)
American Legion Post #130 (1963-1964)
Elliott's Home and Auto Co. on State St. Cayce (1964-69)
Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, St Andrews Rd. (1969-present)

Where did the troop hold their meetings (Scout Hut, church basement, etc.)

What was your Most Memorable Event?

What was your best Scouting Experience?

What was your worst or scariest Scouting Experience?

What was your funniest Scouting Experience?

What was your favorite song/skit/patrol yell?

I have
Troop or Patrol Flags
Movies or Videos of Troop 91
Troop Scrapbook/newspaper clippings

Can you remember any traditions with the troop?

Comments/What Scouting meant to you/What about your Scoutmaster?

Thank you for sharing your information with us. All information will stay with the Troop Committee of Troop 91. It will not be released to others without your permission.

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